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Lake Zakher, Alain

Lake Zakher

Before you read this post, I should mention that Lake Zakher is not your typical UAE tourist attraction. Its location is situated in Abu Dhabi but the atmosphere could not be any different. When it comes to holiday-makers, Alain doesn’t contain the distinctive must-see sites that the UAE has to offer. Alain is the biggest inland city in UAE. It is renowned for its elaborate local mansions which are noticeable the second you enter the emirate. Alain has the highest number of Emirati locals in the UAE, at about 30%.


Lake ZakherAlain is also known as the Garden City because of its greenery throughout the city. while living in the UAE, my road-trips to Alain were always my favourite. Despite driving through the high desert dunes to get to the city, the city always reminded me of Ireland.



Lake Zakher

It was the closest place in UAE which had some home comforts, the green grass and the abundance of trees. After several road-trips to the Garden City, I decided to discover what the outskirts of Alain had to offer. I was driving along the truck road by the desert when I discovered this serene spot. It’s very easy to miss so keep an eye out.


Lake Zakher

Lake Zakher is an artificial lake, a desert oasis for the neighbouring wildlife. It’s not exactly a full-day activity. It’s more of a viewing point. The lake is surrounded by high desert dunes with the view of Jebel Hafeet in the background.



Jebel Hafeet is a mountain in Alain with the second highest peak in UAE. The site offers a place for picnics which is perfect for a lunch out in the middle of the desert. It’s also an ideal place for animal and bird-watching opportunities. Expect to see falcons, if you wait around long enough!


Lake Zakher

The second I stood by the lake I realised I had just discovered one of Abu Dhabi’s hidden gems. found the lake on a June afternoon in 48 degrees heat. I guess this explains why the area was completely deserted. It’s unbearable standing in the middle of the desert for a long period of time in this heat. I blame the heat for cutting my trip short! I’d recommend tourists to visit during the winter months to really experience the picturesque lake and its surroundings.





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