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Singapore Part 3

Singapore is a beautiful, vibrant and most importantly, an extremely safe city. Put on a pair of comfortable Nikes and go exploring on foot. I guarantee you will find hidden picturesque places of interest throughout the city.  Of course, you should check out the main tourist attractions like the Gardens of the Bay, the Marina Bay Sands and so on.  But don’t forget to discover the hidden cultural beauties of this vast city.

Take a boat cruise along the Singapore River soaking in the animated sites and lively atmosphere. Clarke Quay is a must when deciding where to eat and drink. This area is fun and exciting, without the typical ‘too busy’ vibe, that I hate when travelling to very touristy countries.


As I have said in my previous posts, Singapore can be expensive. So, if you’re on a budget stay clear of the main tourist food spots! What I loved most is how chill and friendly everyone was, whether they were tourists, expats, staff or locals. The choice of pubs and restaurants is amazing. Everyone is catered for, whether you’re wanting a feed, a few beers or a fun night out. The best thing is the restaurants and pubs are right beside the main clubs if your plans for staying sober go downhill. the only drawback for me was some of the clubs can be quite selective when it comes to the music they play. I found this out pretty early on in the night, after wandering through a few clubs before finding a DJ who was willing to play some Fetty Wap.

Little India is one of the most colourful and busiest ethnic districts in Singapore. Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed when I arrived because there is so much action. People are rambling around everywhere you look. I must admit, they weren’t the friendliest of people either. Some are at stalls selling jewellery, fabrics and perfumes. Others are cooking or eating traditional Indian curries. And some are even telling fortunes to passers-by. As for the rest, they looked just as lost and confused as I was. I didn’t buy anything in the end, but it was a heart-racing experience all the same!


No matter what country I am visiting, Chinatown is a must see! It’s a prominent landmark in any country I visit. The carefree atmosphere is consistent in every country, mostly due to the light-hearted and happy-go-lucky sellers. The markets, temples, street decorations, tea houses and medicine halls all add to the universal Chinatown ambiance.



Personally, the only difference between the Chinatown in Singapore and elsewhere is the cleanliness. It’s common to be often faced with rubbish on the streets, unhygienic food stands and very narrow places to walk between stalls.

In Singapore, Chinatown is a somewhat different story. It’s easy to relish the Chinese food while being seated in a more hygienic food complex.  I also came across designer outlets scattered in one section of this lively district. This I have not come across in any other Chinatown before! For me, it is the market that captures my attention every time! The best thing about the Singapore market? The sellers at the stalls aren’t as pushy as other markets. From souvenirs to replica designer sunglasses and handbags, you’ll find anything here. So get your bargaining hat on before you arrive!


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